Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our First Tuesday

It was a day full of learnings . . .

Caroline learned that one must eat ice cream quickly, especially novelty ice cream, especially novelty ice cream at a pool during a ridiculously hot day. That Bratz cone looks a bit like one of the bad guys at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, doesn't it?

Sherry learned what strategies to use to beat Andrew in Agricola. Her record is now 1-24 against him. By the way, she beat me this morning by one point. One lousy point!

I learned that my dad was correct 25 years ago when he insisted that it was best to practice one's instrument early in the day. Practice went much, much better today. You might like my gimmicky way of incentivizing good practice.

Oh, and I also learned, while celebrating Canada Day, that Tim Horton's coffee may be good, but it isn't Tonx or Philz.

It was a good day, the first day that summer felt real. The kids enjoyed a trip to the pool with me in the afternoon. They had fun watering the garden . . . well most of the water fell in the same proximity as the garden. I sneaked in a quick run around Whites Road and made a killer dinner with chicken. Oh, that's right, another learning . . .

Squash doesn't work well as a skewered food.

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