Monday, June 30, 2014

Our First Monday

Today felt like our first day of summer. Sure, I've been done school since Wednesday. Sam since the Monday before that. Caroline for two whole weeks. But it was our first day at home enjoying the summer routine. By the way, there's a dry-erase board for that whole routine thing:

If you were to ask Sam I think he'd tell you that a high point today was that two of his friends were here after swim lessons. A visit to the pool later today meant he ran into a lot of friends he hasn't seen in a few weeks. I'm not sure what Caroline would tell you her high point of the day to be, though I was proud to see her swim so well in the pool this afternoon.

I took Sam for my second bike trip through the neighborhood, and he enjoyed the rebellious trip through the private garage of Turbo Lofts, the apartment complex up near our church. I'm appreciative of how well he's taken to biking. It's nice to have a companion for my rides now.

My to-do list seems a bit too substantial. I'm helping a former colleague with a research project, so I spent some of today learning about a freedom fighter that many Americans haven't heard of before. That research, and surprise from school, kept me in more of a professional mood today than I expected. Still, the bike ride, a couple of runs, and a multiple-hour stint at the pool reminded me that it's summer, and I'm a dad.

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