Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer is getting very, very close.

It feels like summer is here! Almost. The queue of papers I have to grade defies that conviction. But a weekend up at Hickory Run got me thinking of free time outside, lower blood pressure, and time with Sherry and the kids.

This might have been trip #10 on Shades of Death

Hickory Run was running pretty deeply

Caroline traversed the Boulder Field for the first time
A pleasant surprise on the way home. Sherry and I decided to stop at a diner in Allentown. The Trivet. I need to say that the cinnamon swirl pancakes were nearly a spiritual experience for me.

Might be the finest diner pancake of all time. 

They know to serve scrapple with syrup!
I think there might be a new tradition: Trivet on the return from Hickory Run. Oh, and the new slip ramp makes a trip to Hickory Run all the easier.

Yeah. It's summer.