Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Caroline's Friends

Caroline's eleventh birthday approaches. I'm glad to see two of her most beloved animals still like to snuggle together when Caroline leaves for the day.

Marshmallow and Woofie
Sherry and I felt a sudden panic recently when we realized that a gift we purchased for her might be too good of a gift. Namely, we found a new Monsta named Jazzy.

Jazzy Monsta

So, what's the problem with Jazzy? Our buyers' remorse was prompted by a concern that he might be too close to the beloved Murphy who, with Benny and Roxy, make up the most animated stable of Caroline's herd of stuffed animals. We became fearful that a new Monsta might make the others less special.

Murphy Monsta

Then we came up with a solution. Perhaps Jazzy could be a relative who is simply coming to pay a visit. My original idea was a little too grand, with Jazzy sending pictures from far and wide. Sherry decided, though, that maybe some letters from Jazzy announcing her intentions to visit would suffice.

The letters this week have been pure genius. Jazzy informed the Monstaz of her intentions to visit. Then told us of her train journey, then of how her arrival is getting sidetracked by a trip to Ohio to see the Cleves.

Sounds almost like the plot of a book Sherry read when she was little.

Image result for susanna gretz

Oh, how I love seeing the creative energy spawned by Caroline's imagination and Sherry's wit.