Saturday, July 5, 2014

Overdo > Settle

My tendency as a teacher is, when confronted with the options of being complex but confusing vs. simple but boring, is to go with the complex route. I think that style predisposition carries over to fatherhood as well. I tend to figure out how to do more in a day rather than less, and at the end of three days running this household solo I'm starting to get fatigued.

We began today in Lansdale. We left for Elverson and spent the day at my folks' house until about 4:30. Then we returned to Lansdale for a block party. When the kids seemed tired (about 7:30) we went home, and then promptly to the pool. Then, just when it would've made sense to go to bed, we watched Hook together, or at least the first half hour of it. Whew.

The kids impressed me with Hook. They saw the animated Peter Pan only once and saw it quite some time ago, but were picking up on references quite readily. They also overcame initial reluctance to see something new.

It was a brilliant day. (I'm describing the weather now.) The triangle of northern Chester County bounded by routes 23, 100, and 401 might be the prettiest place one can live on a day like this. Not a cloud in the sky. Temperature not departing much from 80 degrees. I took the photo below of the kids near a felled tree at Mom and Dad's. It might capture how pleasant it was there today.

This wasn't the first year we attended the block party up the street. The families on that block do this once a year, and friends there invite us every year. I don't see my block ever doing such a thing, though I think it would be fun to try just once.

During our pool visit my daughter astonished me by swimming along the perimeter of the deep end. It seemed like we passed another rite of passage. About a year ago, she buckled herself into the car all by herself. Now she just had to swim that perimeter of the deep end, just like Sam had to a few years ago.

It was a visit I couldn't turn down, though. I think the perfect summer evening is one with the temperature somewhere in the 70s (my son once asked me my favorite temperature, and I said it was 78). On nights like that life can't be much finer than a quick swim at Whites Road.

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