Monday, July 14, 2014

The Weekend (except Hickory Run)

A great two-night trip to our favorite park constituted the bulk of our weekend. But we were up to other things.

On Friday, Caroline got an invitation from one of our friends to go out and get pampered. She was very happy with the job that store did on her nails, and even more appreciative of the chance to spend time with someone she looks up to.

While Caroline was primping, Sam and I took a bike ride through the neighborhood. I'm getting a thrill from teaching him how one handles a bike on roads with cars. I'm also ecstatic that he finds a little trip like that so interesting.

When we returned from Hickory Run we attended a colleague's open house in Doylestown and then dined with Sherry's folks and Aunt. It was there that fatigue from the weekend of camping caught up with the kids. It was also where Caroline ended up scoring a lot of fabric she could use to make Woofie look more beautiful.

Our adventure at Hickory Run remains the highlight of the weekend. I know I'll get around to elaborating on that at some point.

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