Saturday, July 5, 2014

My first missed post

Yesterday ended too late and closed with me too exhausted to post. Sorry, faithful readers. 

We woke up yesterday in the same bedroom. I promised the kids that on some of the nights we could rerrange who slept where to keep things interesting. On Thursday night it was our turn to share the master bedroom. 

Friday morning

The three of us had a chance to go our separate ways for about an hour yesterday. Sam joined some friends for a Fourth of July parade, a friend took Caroline to swim lessons, and I got a chance to run. It wasn't long, but it helped, for it's easy for the three of us to get into a behavioral rut, even if the three of us are in different places with different folks. 

We spent a good part of the day in Sherry's hometown, Glenside, which does a pretty good job honoring Independence Day. We spent a few hours at Glenside's parade before returning to Sherry's parents' home for dinner and fireworks. 

Sam and Caroline enjoy a snack at parade.

Bolivian dancers at the parade.
The Weinermobile made it this year.

Of course, when I say we returned to the house of Sherry's folks I forgot to mention that the fireworks show was preceded by a fireworks show sponsored by Joe, who set off some items that I'm sure weren't strictly legal. 

Joe's 2014 Fireworks platform. Note the very useful cat litter buckets.

We did get our first phone call from Sherry yesterday which was welcome. We married 15 years ago, and had she done this trip to Australia then, calling one another would've involved significant cost and coordination. Now we do it for free and have three different platforms on which we could do it. 

Fifteen years of marriage has also given me a chance to know her family very well. Traditionally we are at her parent's home to celebrate the Fourth, and though we missed Sherry at the event, it felt normal to be there with them even in her absence. Sam and Caroline reveled in the company of her aunt and uncles (two were there this year), and Sam was at ease sitting at a table with some of his parents' friends. 

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