Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hard Questions . . . Our First Wednesday

It seems this summer I've been posed at least one really difficult questions by my kids each day. On Monday, for instance, it was

If Ernie [our cat] escaped and met a mommy cat, would they have kittens? 

I don't know what was harder, getting into the anatomical issues or the reason why it's just bad to have domestic animals reproduce. Good thing my answer was interrupted by a pressing phone call.

Tuesday, I got this

What does it mean to call someone sexy?

At least I found out my answer was very close to one offered by the parent of one of my son's friends.

Today we visited Independence Hall and the kids pushed me toward explaining abolitionism. Uncomfortable? No. Challenging, yes.

Our house was filled with kids this morning: a pair of friends for Sam for one hour followed by a two-hour visit by a couple of girls Caroline is getting to know. Our afternoon featured a trip to the Airport to drop off Sherry, who is now bound for Melbourne via Los Angeles and Sydney.

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