Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm a dad

It's been a good past couple of days at the household. Lots of fun little things going on. The days are flying by, and now (in addition to the chores left unfinished) it seems as if there's something fun we could've done but just couldn't squeeze in.

This certainly isn't the best photo I could've found. But it does show a triumphant Caroline (and pretending-to-be-happy Sam) after rescuing Woofie from my classroom at our church. Sam and Caroline have been enrolled in Vacation Bible School. I've been teaching it. I'm glad there's only a day of it left from my standpoint . . . the jury is out as to whether or not I'd teach again at VBS. Sam and Caroline were very happy at it, however. I hope the photo in some small part captures what a fantastic day it was in Lansdale today. Brilliant blue skies. Puffy, white clouds. High near 80 degrees. Fantastic.

We spent much of the afternoon at the pool. Met with several good friends there. Wore ourselves out.

Caroline was nice enough to clean the mess of a bed. In fact, it seems she arranged her animals in some sort of careful display. Each of the animals has a name, and Caroline expresses some degree of shock or disappointment when I blank on the name of any animal. I'm only one man. I can remember only so many names.

The animals on Caroline's bed wasn't the only elaborate display in the house today. At Sam's request I made a courtroom out of Legos. It set it up with a very high judge's bench, a two-tiered jury box, tables for prosecution and defense. Also, a gallery. Obviously my many hours of watching Law and Order came in handy. Shortly after completing construction, a very well-attended trial took place. Unfortunately, my jury box could only accommodate a jury of ten. Had I found Lego strips that were three or four pips longer, we could've done this the right way.

One last event to report: Good friends got a new minivan. I love it when someone gets a new car. It's as exciting as the arrival of a new pet. 

If you think the shadow of the photographer is tacky check out this awful selfie attempt in front of our friends' new ride. 

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