Thursday, July 3, 2014

I survived the real day 1

Today was the real day one. Sherry left yesterday for Australia, where she will reside until July 19. Today was my first entire day as a solo dad. I haven't been in touch with Sherry since yesterday when we dropped her off at the airport, and if my intelligence is correct, she still hasn't arrived in Australia. Apparently, there was some sort of delay in Los Angeles that pushed back her departure by nearly 12 hours. Woof.

I guided the kids through a somewhat hectic day. We were off at 8:15 for swim lessons. Then we were off at 9:35 for a dentist appointment. An appointment that cost $642. No that isn't an error (though it is a sentence fragment). We then searched a car lot for a replacement to my wife's car . . . no luck finding the elusive purple Fit. Upon returning home we sagged, finding little things to do: washing dishes, reading, reconciling bank information, coloring on the porch with our neighbor. Then we were off to some friends. Then after 4 I whisked the kids off to some family who feel more like friends. it was a whirlwind. We didn't return until after 9:30.

Were there any learnings today? Just a few:

Sam's feet are now bigger than those of his Aunt Amy.

My nephew, Miles, has some real potential as a baseball player. He's not even two years old and he's throwing overhand.

It's good to have in-laws who are as close as friends.

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