Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Evidence that this Household is Missing a Crucial Member

My children are pleasant, and that has made it possible for the household to function in Sherry's two-week absence. One of my biggest learnings from this two-and-a-half-week stint as a solo parent is that one is humbled at how every day it's impossible to get around to a few things that would get done if there were two adults here instead. Therefore, there is some visible evidence that this household is one adult short of a full load.

Evidence of a new, annoying habit: Putting on socks when one gets dressed, then remembering that one wants to wear sandals instead when it's time to leave, therefore leaving socks near the front door. Guess which member of the household is most guilty of this.

How many days' worth of dishes is this? How long have these been in sink?
If a machine folded this laundry as well as it cleaned it, we would be in great shape. 
Petting for this cat has been woefully inadequate. 
I can explain why there are three open tissue boxes stacked atop one another in the kitchen. Really, I can. 

No reasonable expectations as to how many animals should share one's bed.
Disproportionate quantities of bottled, single-serve beverages in refrigerator.

We're eager for you to get home, Sherry.

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