Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday in the Pew

So, I returned to church for the first time in a few weeks. A series of events, some related to friends, or family, or laziness, conspired to keep me away for nearly a month. But the kids and I got to church (nearly) on time today, and I enjoyed being in the pew with them. Especially since I got this gem of a drawing from Caroline.

Please understand that her spelling is at times creative. In writing "dog" she was really writing "dong." The drawing, therefore, is of a church.

Writing and drawing while in church is a tradition with the kids. We make one another drawings and crossword puzzles. Today we were somewhat prolific.

After church we had a late breakfast at a restaurant that is becoming my new favorite in the area, The Metropolitan. I had one of their specials: egg white turkey sausage sliders. They tasted too good to be truly healthy. Their good taste made up, almost, for the half-hearted effort one of my children, she shall remain nameless, made at her breakfast. I was more forgiving of the other child given the mammoth size of the pancakes he was served.

Back to drawing. Caroline had a really neat picture later in the afternoon.

Good times at home, at the pool, and with some friends today. Signing off.

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