Thursday, July 7, 2016


That much-anticipated update on the basement will have to wait. I forgot that there's one more skill we're learning in this house. 

Day four of viola.
Caroline has persisted for a few months about her desire to get an early jump on learning the viola. She's entering 3rd grade, which is when our district introduces string instruments. But her desire was earnest so she started working with a private teacher this week. 

She's up to "Hot Cross" buns on the second-highest string. I'm a trombonist: there's little more that I know. 

This now means that we have . . . 
  • four instrumentalists in the house
  • members of the household playing instruments for which music is written in three clefs
  • a total of ten instruments in the home: two trombones, a flute, a piccolo, a viola, a violin, a keyboard, and three recorders 
  • three music stands 
. . . in varying states of use at the household. 

Caroline, by the way, is following in a fine family tradition. From what I hear her mother was persistent in the very same way about 30 years ago, insisting that she not wait until fourth grade to get her hand on the flute. Sherry began taking lessons on it when she was in 2nd grade. 

Also, there's more than a little irony in the fact that Caroline's teacher is the same woman who worked with her uncle about three decades ago. 

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