Saturday, July 9, 2016

October 27, 2082

Philadelphia will celebrate its 400th birthday in 2082. I probably won't be around for that one. It's a shame. We accidentally stumbled on Pittsburgh celebrating its 200th. We went to the fireworks show down at Point State Park. It was stunning.

The fountain after sunset.

Caroline and I being goofy with the fountain.

It really was an outstanding show, one that made me a little envious I won't get to see Philly do a show like this in the near future. The second-most difficult part of the show was listening to the tributes to the city's sports teams and their titles. A little tough to stomach.

We had a few neat views on the way back to our hotel.

Our hotel lit up for the celebration.
The lighting of the bridge under which one must pass to get to the park was quite lovely. My camera didn't do a great job capturing it. 
Where's Sam? He/s our photographer.
On my next trip here I need to spend more time at the Fort Pitt site and museum. There are few places I've visited where my memory has come as alive with how the site has changed over time. When I'm down there, I can't help but think of three transitions at that site: from wilderness to strategic fort, from a town into an industrial titan, and then from a city that manufactured to one that reinvented itself as an education, medicine, and services hub. It's very easy to picture those different eras when standing at that location.

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