Saturday, July 2, 2016

Garden Report

We've recovered nicely from the setbacks posed by the hungry little rabbit who ravaged the spinach. I punted the ball on that particular project, replacing those plants with a pepper and a watermelon plant.

The herb garden. 
The herb garden is going fairly well. The peppermint is an embarrassment of riches and is now getting brewed into the tea. The rosemary and basil are just fine. Oregano, too. The cilantro, however . . .

Not everything works out. 
Meanwhile, the tomatoes are on track to be my best year for them yet.


Grape tomatoes.

I forget what variety this is.

For the first time ever there are green beans in my garden. I noticed today that I have a few that are on the way toward being edible.

Enlarged to show texture. Okay, not really. But that's definitely a green bean. 

Can you see any beans here? It's not easy. 
I cannot claim much credit for the pepper you see below. I bought the plant late in the season at Freddy Hill when it was 30% off and with the pepper well on the way to being grown.

One final photo: I started goofing around with Google Cardboard this morning and took this panoramic of the backyard.

As you can tell, the weather was so splendid I really had to figure out some way to stay outside.

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