Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dining Joy

This greeted us at DeLuca's.
Sherry and I are entering a more enchanted phase of parenthood. Our kids eat real meals out! This is cause for celebration.

Our dining options in Pittsburg so far . . . 

Friday night: Primanti Brothers before the baseball game. 

Saturday morning: DeLuca's Diner in the Strip. 

A third meat was added when the waitress remembered the turkey sausage I ordered. 

Lunch was a small step down. We stopped at Giant Eagle to get snacks. Those snacks (granola bars, fruit, carrot sticks n'at) sufficed to tide us through until dinner at . . . 

Saturday dinner: BRGR

Getting back to lunch. We're returning to a pattern Sherry established way back in 2000 when we went to Quebec for the first time: eat up at breakfast, do lunch as a snack, then aim for an early, hearty dinner.

One drawback, though, are the bills. The kids are getting more expensive to take out. Especially since I often order an appetizer as a way of expanding the kids' palates. 

Another drawback: We're learning that Pittsburgh isn't really the place to eat healthy. Though joyous, this new phase for us is good for neither the wallet or waistline.

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