Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Month in PA

Ironically, I bought this atlas on a trip to Maine last summer.
So, it's gimmicky, but I've been in something of a mood to challenge the family to have as much fun in Pennsylvania as possible in July. After all, come August 1 we'll be in England for a few weeks. So far, so good: an excellent Fourth-of-July weekend with family, a fun road trip to Pittsburgh, plans to camp at World's End this weekend. I wonder, though, if we can ignore the approximately 90 minutes spent on U.S. 40 and I-68 in Maryland returning from Pittsburgh. We never got out of the car.

During our trip home, Sherry decided to explore the state atlas we had in the car. As a way to pass the time, she color-coded the recommended destinations found in the atlas. We were a little surprised at how many we have seen.

One of the pages Sherry coded. 
On our most recent weekend trip alone we hit some real highlights.

Each member of the family is represented by a different color.
Yup. Check this one off.
Our camping and other outdoor adventures the past few years has led to quite a few other sites visited.

Still our favorite park.
A one-day trip to Delaware Water Gap is responsible for a few of these checked off.
Three of these sites were visited on two of our trips back in 2015. 
Pennsylvania isn't the largest or most impressive state in the Union in regards to its scenery, but it is varied. And I think few states compare in regards to blending great places to live and great outdoors to see so close by.

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