Thursday, July 7, 2016

The New Room

Last summer we commenced a project by which we turned our basement into a recreation room. The contractors' work began in early August and continued for about a month. In September and October we took other steps to bring it to completion. When the carpet was installed in late October the space finally felt complete. Here's what it looks like today.

Literally, today.

Yes, I know the pictures are crooked. I guess my photography training for the kids is behind schedule.

I did try to do a 360-degree image suitable for cardboard. Here it is.

It's the extra room we needed. Sherry doesn't venture down there much. Sam, Caroline, Legos, and I dwell there the most often. Sometimes it's enjoyed by just one member of the family who needs a breather from the others. Sometimes it's filled with the kids' friends In fact, my favorite times are when other kids come over and they all simply disappear into it.

Usually, though, it's humming with the sound of Sam and Caroline enjoying their sanctuary.

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