Saturday, July 2, 2016

Iron Pigs

Five families descended on Coca-Cola Park to watch the Iron Pigs host the Charlotte Knights.

Selfie with my pulled pork barbecue parfait.

Several of the boys along for the game found the scorekeeping interesting. Note the hand-writing of an observant 12-year-old in the 4th inning. Mark's work there allowed me to go off and get the parfait. 

I had fun explaining to Jack why we use the letter K to signify a strike, and why a backwards K has significance. 
I wish I hadn't waiting as long as I did (until 2014) to go to minor league baseball with my kids. But I'm glad I'm going now. Caroline enjoys being there with her friends, though I think the prospect of appearing on the big screen is more important. For Sam, little is more satisfying than a night at the ballpark with friends. I think he's fine with his parents being there, too (though we may be a bit expendable).

Oh, and the food is amazing there.

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