Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacation Day 5 - A Better-than-Average Travel Day

When one decides to vacation in two different places, there's an intervening day of travel that can potentially rob that day of the feeling that it's still a vacation. We faced that yesterday since we had a 4 1/2 hour drive to make from Boston to Bar Harbor. The day turned out to be pretty fun, however.

We cleared out of our home in Boston, which was a little bit sad. I'm not sure we had one more day of things we really needed to do in that town. But one more day would've given us the chance to relax in that home, which I believe is the nicest we ever have rented on our vacations.

Sam and Caroline outside the home at 35 Moraine.
That being said, I don't know if it's possible to relax in a city quite the way one can at a resort town like Bar Harbor.

We did hit one more tourist site on the way out of town, the National Park Service site located at President Kennedy's birthplace. The home there is a somewhat modest one. Actually, it was very similar to our rental home in terms of its size and appointments. Joe Kennedy, Sr. bought it as an up-and-coming member of the Boston political community, so it looks and feels like the starter home of an affluent couple.

The president only lived there for the first few years of his life. His more formative years were spent at a home a few blocks away. Rose Kennedy purchased the property in the 1960s with the intention of opening it as a museum and transferring it to the government.

The front porch of Kennedy's birthplace. 

If you look hard, you can see Sherry reading to the kids on the porch of Kennedy's birthplace. 

Sam and Caroline get sworn in as Junior Rangers by Jon Streff, Gettysburg Class of '96. Jon seemed to do a particularly thorough job verifying the kids' answers. 
What looked like it would take only 30 minutes to see really took more like two hours to digest. We had a nice tour of the house. Upon leaving we were met by a former classmate from Gettysburg who calls working at that site his "summer gig."

Since there was more to see at Kennedy's birthplace, we ditched our idea of checking out the Museum of Fine Arts and headed straight for Acadia. The drive was about five hours. Leaving when we did allowed us the chance to get settled in at our motel. After figuring out that, yes, we got lucky with the accommodations we picked out in Bar Harbor we decided to push our luck by going out to a real restaurant. The four of us ate at This Way Cafe where the kids surprised us by trying lobster and crab (Sam) and eating a Caesar Salad (Caroline).

Sam tries a spring roll loaded with crab and lobster. 

Outside Cafe This Way
Of course the day was also fun in that I wore the kind of tee-shirt that makes any dignified spouse or child cringe. It's a special from Last Exit to Nowhere, featuring a mock-up of the display Luke Skywalker sees as he tries to destroy the Death Star. Of course, the shirt garnered no less than four compliments from passers-by.

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