Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Wise Daughter

Last week Caroline proposed that she and I complete a screen-free day. I suggested we do so yesterday. Now it wasn't an absolute ban on screens (even the Amish use electricity). Displays, like the radio in my car, are obviously permitted. I used my phone to communicate via text message or e-mail. But she and I vowed to not use screens for entertainment.

I was able to honor the vow, though I snuck in one turn of Star Realms so my games against Gary and Ben wouldn't expire. Oh, and I updated my running app to reflect the run I took yesterday. Otherwise, I went without.

And when I saw the flurry of e-mails in my work inbox timestamped near 11 am yesterday, I realized how wise she was. There were a lot of urgent 11th-hour e-mails related to the start of school, some of which suggested I should go in today. Yesterday could have been so much more stressful had I not followed Caroline's advice.

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