Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today I Was That Parent

By saying I was that parent, I mean the parent that did something to make others' eyes roll. In this case, it was the lifeguards at my community pool. Here's the scene . . .

The weather is dreary. After a night of steady rain it was raining slightly and near 70 degrees at time for swim lessons (8:20). When I showed up at the pool, there were only lifeguards there. No other parents decided to brave the fierce London-like weather for the first session of lessons. So, instead of getting a break, the lifeguards got the opportunity to offer two (2) one-on-one lessons. Hence, the eye rolls.

So what did I do as they got their cut-rate private tutoring? Obviously, it was too wet for me to hack away at teacher work.

However, I have cause to be grumpy: I don't think the app was accurately tracking the distance of my run.

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