Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunrises at Acadia

Upon arriving at Bar Harbor last week* I found myself wanting to go atop Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise. I got some advice from the hotel desk and geared myself for a 4:30 wakeup the next morning.

Driving to Cadillac Mountain from our motel was about a 12-minute drive. Getting out the door didn't take too long and I even had a snack set out (Sherry's advice) to help me feel somewhat awake. Upon arriving up top I found I wasn't alone: more than 100 other people were up there to greet the sun as well. In fact, I had to improvise a parking spot since the lot was full. I wasn't alone because the majesty of seeing the sun rise above the Atlantic is worth the early hour and the cold.

I surprised myself by getting back to sleep upon returning. Normally I'm up for good when I awake, even at such an early hour.

Sam and Caroline found the idea of seeing the sunrise surprisingly attractive. Caroline, I think, was most interested in the idea that she could go in her pajamas for the trip. Friday morning, our second full day in Bar Harbor, the two kids got up with me promptly. Sherry decided she couldn't miss the fun. So the kids and Sherry huddled beneath a blanket and got to see a sunrise that was even better than the previous day's.

Huddled for warmth.

The moon just before sunrise. 

On the verge of sunrise. 

There it is. Now we can go home. 

Oh, and we returned for sunset as well. Not quite as dramatic but worth the trip.

Sun just before it sets to the West at Cadillac Mountain. 
*Or was it two weeks ago? My one loses track in the summer.

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