Friday, August 5, 2016

Meanwhile, the kids . . .

How dull. I've made three different posts about our week in England and haven't really mentioned the kids yet. Here are a few tales.

Sam and Caroline are making sense of how to eat over here. The English breakfast on day one threw them off a little bit. Very rich. At times very sweet. It was probably too heavy of a meal on our first day after a shortened night on the plane.

Caroline awaits the breakfast Sherry is cutting. 
Maple French Toast with cheese, bacon, and tea. This was my plate. All mine. 
After three times at the continental breakfast, the kids are narrowing in on what to pick up and what not to. Caroline today learned that honey buns aren't her thing (too sweet). Sam is learning to look toward cereal and ham for his breakfast. Caroline has fallen in love with the toasted sourdough bread as long as she can cover every inch with margarine.

I think they appreciate the Americanized lunches and dinners we're sticking to here in London. When we get to York we'll have no choice but to eat out, so we're trying to economize while here in the city.

PBJ and tablets at lunchtime. 
Sherry and I do put them through a pretty rough pace of historical and cultural sites. So far, they've seen (and I'll list) -

  • The House Cavalry Museum 
  • The Tower of London
  • Parliament 
  • Westminster Abbey 
  • The Churchill War Rooms 
  • The British Museum 
  • Kensington Gardens 
(at some point we need to do some sort of high-priced super-kid friendly event . . . at some point). They've been very well behaved so far. Few complaints. Walking a lot of miles (Caroline recorded 25,000 steps today) and showing a good appreciation for what we've visited. 

A dragon fashioned from artifact replicas in the White Tower.

We better deliver on the promise to do this. 

Completing their homework at the Abbey. 

Sam found the 800-900 year-old chess set at the British Museum pretty interesting. 

Sam, at the end of a long day, nearly jumped out of his shoes when he saw this late medieval citole, which looks like a violin but is more a forerunner of the guitar. 
Regarding mass transit, the kids are pros. We became very adventurous today, using both tube and bus. The kids were excited to finally get a bus that was double-decker. 

Photo doesn't do this justice. It's of Sam and I making our first trip on the top deck of a London bus. 

From the first of many subway trips. 
They're really good at walking with a purpose, standing when they have to stand, sitting when it's time to sit. Sam, today, even tried to anticipate what lines and stops we'd be using. Pretty impressive. 

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