Monday, August 8, 2016


Our time in London ended this morning. We checked out of our apartment at Dolphin Square, hit the tube with all of our baggage, and departed for York at King's Cross Station.

In case you're curious, we had a 2-bedroom apartment while in London. Here are some pictures taken by Sam who I sent on assignment to collect some images of our temporary home.

Remarkably tidy living room.

A small but adequate kitchen.

Sam and I don't know what to make of the half-screen that seems common to showers here in the UK. 
The apartment was located in a quiet residential area. You might get a sense of it seeing the photos from the principal corner a block away from our apartment.

Facing west on Lupus St. toward our bus stop. 

Facing east on Lupus St. toward our Tube stop and my pub. 
Now we're living the hotel life for the next few days. Breakfast is provided but dinners will have to be out. Sherry and I will try to employ the whole snack-at-lunch between two big meals strategy to save on expenses. Sam asked what our place would be like in York. My response: smaller but nicer (just because a hotel has those fineries one doesn't expect in an apartment). Here are some photos from our first afternoon settling in.

Our kids equate hotel with television. It's a little tough for them to understand UK telly options. 

Yes, that's Churchill on the wall. It's the Churchill Hotel, after all. 

I like the desk, though it's tucked into the corner snugly. 
I think what's nicest about this hotel in York, though, is its proximity to the old city. It seemed close when I examined it on the map before leaving the states. Now that I'm here, it's like we're right on top of the most medieval parts of this ancient town.

More later.

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