Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why I want to go back to Michigan

Before going there, I didn't think there'd be enough to do in Michigan to make a one week trip there worthwhile. I was wrong. There is a lot to do up there, if I'm willing to slow down my pace a little bit. I could easily see being up there for two weeks. After all, there was a whole Upper Peninsula we really didn't see (I don't count our one-hour trip down I-75 as a true UP experience).

The water is enough to make me want to return. The whole time at Mackinac (or Mackinaw City) I was impressed at how the water turned three different shades as one looked out across the strait. Sandy yellow by the shore, green a little ways out, deep blue way, way out.

But when I go back, I'm going with bicycles. One for each of us. Traveling by bike around Mackinac Island was a thrill, albeit one of the pleasant variety. The trip around its perimeter is about 8.2 miles. Sam was able to do it pretty easily, though he wasn't necessarily too fast. (He's a fairly cautious biker, not a bad thing). Sherry and Sam stayed together and Caroline rode on a third-wheel tag-along with me. Interestingly, Caroline was not enjoying the morning one bit before the ride. I think she expected she'd be getting her own bike and having to pedal herself around the island. When she realized I'd be doing the work, she perked up considerably.

At the end of our trip. 

Pausing for a family photo. 

Sam and Sherry come in for a break. 

Caroline points out our progress on a map. 
I think the biggest thing I underestimated about Michigan was Sleeping Bear, and I regret not giving it a whole day. I couldn't really believe how immense the dunes were, and how one could take a day making a slow hike across a mountain of sand to see Lake Michigan. Traverse City (only 45 minutes from Sleeping Bear) was worth a two-night stay, even if our hotel there was small.

When Caroline wanted to run up the mountain I said, "Sure, knock yourself out." She actually had the easiest time of it, what with her long legs and light frame. 

Do you see Caroline in the pink toward the left? 

From atop a peak at Sleeping Bear Dunes. You can see Lake Michigan in the distance. 

Caroline tries a modeling pose. 

Good photo, I think, of Sam. 

Sherry signals to us from afar. 

I think I can talk Sherry into a return to Michigan. After all there are more lighthouses than one can shake a stick at. But next time it's with bikes, camping gear, and a desire to spend a lot of time outside.

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