Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brief Update . . . still from Ottawa

We had a charming day yesterday. Some artifacts from our travels:

We first saw the ceremonial changing of the guard at Parliament.

The two officers exchange compliments.
Three things were in abundance: people, Imperial pageantry, and big hats.
I especially liked the marching band that accompanied the troops. I find it a bit unusual that there's been so much military stuff on our trip to Canada . . . more on that in another post. (I know, I know, I already said that. Don't worry, that commentary will happen.)

We next took a quick visit to a fantastic hotel, the Chateau Laurier, to find some artifacts a Mountie had told me about.

Funny, the pose seems more intimidating from Churchill.
We also got to see the Rideau Canal Locks in action.

In the afternoon we returned to the Museum of Civilization. And at night, Sherry took Sam on a haunted tour while Caroline and I did some shopping.

Off to Diefenbunker!

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