Friday, August 15, 2014

For those who love irony, you'll love this post . . .

I did not bring my computer with me to Mackinac Island, and I found posting to the blog via a tablet too irritating to complete, there has therefore been a pause in posting. I didn't mean to leave you in suspense. Though our accommodations and (for one day) weather in Mackinac would've been very appropriate for writing, it seems a little sacrilegious to do something that looks like work up there. 

Sam and Caroline in the living room of our suite on Mackinac. We took this right before departing and right after cleaning up our sprawling mess. 
What Mackinac looks like in the rain and fog (or, for half of our stay).
What Mackinac looks like when the rain and the fog leave (or, for the other half of our stay). 
Oh, but back to the irony. I write this from Traverse City, in the lounge of the Hampton Inn enjoying breakfast. In approximately 20 minutes, I'm leaving for Davis Honda to see how quickly they can figure out why the check engine light on my van started pulsing yesterday around 3:30.* While they're at it, I hope they can tell me how to get all six cylinders firing again, too. The engine was in shut down mode on our 30-mile drive from Sleeping Bear to Traverse yesterday afternoon. 

Oh, the irony. 

This break-down (of sorts) occurred in Glen Arbor, MI which, according to Google, is 836.9 miles from Lansdale. I think, though I'm not sure, that is further from home than any other spot we visited on the trip.** 

It also occurred in Michigan where time and time again you see signs urging you to buy here because the business is American-owned. Was the breakdown timed to occur in the home of America's auto industry, snaring the driver of a Honda? 

It also occurred shortly after I told Sherry I had reached a point of tremendous relaxation. Who couldn't after climbing atop the dunes at Sleeping Bear. Before enjoying the thrill of running down such a dune (and that is really, really a great thrill . . . I'm grateful I didn't fall down), I got some great photos of the kids on the dunes.  

Sherry spells out the "t" of picture. We were so far down the dune she had to signal to us that she wanted us to photograph her. 

I thought it was hilarious that Caroline wore such brilliant pink for our landscape today. 

Nice choice of the tourist shirt there, Sam. Lake Michigan is right behind the hill on which Sam is standing. 
Okay, time to go to this area's biggest Honda dealership. Perhaps they have Sherry's new Fit on the lot, and she and the kids can drive home from here while I wait for a part from somewhere. Fortunately, this town is filled with microbreweries!

*I've ruled out overheating . . . I'm not carrying that much Canadian and Michigan hooch on this trip. 

**I checked. Sudbury to Lansdale is an approximately 1,105 km drive. Though that's significantly shorter than from Glen Arbor (154 miles shorter) Sudbury is on a different planet than Traverse City. We're in better shape being marooned here, if marooned we are. 

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