Sunday, January 1, 2017

Favorite Photos from 2016

The year 2016 was one of the most rewarding for me as a husband and father. Here's some photographic evidence.

We were hit by only one snowstorm in 2016. It was deep. It was beautiful. Coming on a Saturday, it didn't disrupt our lives too much, simply led to a peaceful and enjoyable weekend. 

The home of one of America's worst presidents was a side trip on our annual weekend with the Kosters. Sherry and I have continued our tour of presidential homes. Buchannan's was the only one we visited in 2016. 

Stephen spent a lot of 2016 with us as he finished his senior year at North Penn. Uncles get few opportunities to spend time with nephews; in this way 2016 will remain a precious memory. 

A general store? The Landis Valley Museum was another side trip for us on another weekend in Lancaster, this time with Andrew, Amy, and their family.

My days as an orchestra dad started in May with a trip to Dorney. The minivan, by the way, has a good 84,000 miles on it at years end and has proven to be a wonderful family hauler. 

Caroline competed in her first ever Iron Knights Triathlon. She also lent her bike to her brother when a flat tire threatened to end his day early at this annual event, one of the neatest I've ever seen a public school conduct.  

A successful return to one of my favorite places of my youth, Knoebels Park. Still one of the finest amusement parks around. 

We can explain, really we can. 

An outstanding fireworks display made a short trip to Pittsburgh all the more special. 

I'm thrilled that my children get as excited by historical places as they do. This was Sam on the final day of an exhausting tour of England. 

She's *this close to smiling. My niece, Lilith, and I share a moment in the backyard at Mom and Dad's. We now have nine nephews and nieces, with a tenth expected in spring of 2017. 

Sam handled the broken pinkie much better than I expected. It was our biggest medical scare of the year. We're lucky. But it is amazing how costly a broken pinkie on the non-dominant hand can be. 

I'm still obsessed with camping and now dream of someday getting one of these Crickets. 

Wow, our girl is growing up. Here's Caroline on the day of her dance performances at the local mall. It's also the first time since we can remember that she wore jeans. She liked posing in them. 
Happy New Year, readers. May 2017 be a year of joy and good health.

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