Sunday, November 20, 2016


I finally got inside one. I'm in love. It's a Cricket!

I foolishly took this shot after the roof had been lowered. 

At the back of the trailer. The back wall lifts, though. Seriously, it does. 

The bunk that claims to support 130 pounds of kid! There are two in the model I looked at, each hanging above the v-shaped (or should I say heart-shaped) double bed for parents. 

Now that's a small kitchen. 
So, I'm smitten with what is essentially an aluminum, tow-able tent. Probably $20-$21,000 is too much to pay for such a thing. But it's so awesome. And now my head is filled with the dreams of simply backing into a spot at Hickory Run, popping the top, and having an instant outdoor home.

Oh, and I think it's small enough I could even fit it in my garage. That is, I could fit it in the garage if I could somehow figure out the angle that would allow me to get in there in our alley.

The saleswoman was skeptical that I was thinking about towing it with the purple Honda Fit I drove to the dealership. Fear not, I said, I have a minivan.

I've seen so few other poor uses of money that seem so fun. I want it. I don't care if I'm not quite in the target demographic (seriously, check out the site: their models look a lot younger, less clean-shaven, and more granola than Sherry and I). I want it. Christmas isn't far away. One only lives once.

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