Friday, July 24, 2015

Departing for Vacation

We leave for vacation tomorrow. It's a more modest trip than last year's. We're headed to Boston for four nights, Acadia for two, and then meeting up with an old friend in Portland on the way home.

I always get antsy on the eve of a vacation. What happens if our place to stay doesn't work out? What happens if the kids tire us out? What happens to the house while we're gone?

Truth be told, it's the perfect time to leave. This summer has been outstanding so far. In fact, it's been my favorite summer that I can remember. We're on the precipice, however, of getting into that summertime rut that makes us restless and wonder if we're squandering something special: time away from school. It's time we took an adventure.

Boston is the first stop, and I've actually been to that city several times now. This will be my fourth trip. That should allow me to take more risks on this trip in that there will be less fumbling around in terms of knowing what to do. Acadia, also, is a repeat of sorts for us. We stopped there briefly in 2012, just long enough to realize that it's not a drive-by sort of destination.

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