Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Behind every good man . . .

I decided to subscribe once again to the Philadelphia Inquirer. In part, I did so because I found myself having to explain the concept of comics and how the Sunday comics differ from daily comics in a newspaper to Sam. Recently Sam has taken a liking to Calvin and Hobbes, which I find amusing since he so often reminds me of Calvin when he is thinking of Spaceman Spiff. When he and I hit an impasse in our conversation because he didn't know what I meant by a Sunday edition of the cartoon I realized a critical though archaic piece of cultural literacy wasn't in place. For that and other reasons I realized it was worth the money to get a daily paper delivered, at least for the summer.

Sam has pretty quickly gotten in the habit of reading the comics. Although we hit another impasse in our dialogue: I have to explain why I find Peanuts amusing but not laugh-out-loud funny.

Today's edition.
Interestingly, Caroline has found her own tradition, which gets me to the titling of today's post. Today she asked for "yesterday's news," which made me ask in return, "Why do you want to see yesterday's news?" Her response: she wants to check my work on the crossword puzzle.

She filled in two across clues I couldn't get. Also, she pointed out that the one clue was "clot" not "clod" as I had thought.
Excellent. Now I have a seven-year-old correcting my work.

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