Monday, June 5, 2017

Unintentional Snow Day

I really didn't expect a snow day in June, but that's what happened.

A telephone ringing at 4:55 in the am hardly ever heralds good news. Today it was just weird news: word that due to "shelter in place" procedures and "working with authorities" stuff all CBSD schools were closed. After a while I found out that all the hubbub was over an escaped non-violent inmate. It's kind of strange that such a situation will shut down a 20,000-student district, but I guess one doesn't want kids waiting for the bus while a fella in handcuffs is doing a Dr. Richard Kimbal impersonation.

If today's day off was weird, tomorrow's day back will be even weirder.

It's funny, though, how quickly a free day off can fill up. I took care of quite a bit of church business. Had a former neighbor come by to fix some locks. Completed some grading. I also attended a school awards ceremony that I didn't even know was occurring. Given the mostly empty rows of chairs in the back of York Avenue Multipurpose Room, I think most parents were unaware of it, too.

There was, however, a chance to update this blog and post a picture (a forbidden picture, perhaps) of Caroline from her dance recital, courtesy of my mother- and father-in-law who were able to sneak in a photo of her tap routine.

Excellent. Scales balanced.

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