Saturday, June 18, 2016

First Run

There's a little bit more overlap between the kids' time at camp and the end of my school year. In fact, there's about five days where they're at camp and I'm not working. Yesterday afternoon was the first such occasion. I used the time to check something off my long-run to-do list. I ran around Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park.

I actually made the almost-six-mile trek despite a spring that's seen me fallen out of my best shape. I would've done this run pretty easily in the fall. Yesterday I labored over the last mile or so.

But I did encounter a group of newly minted graduates picnicing early on in my run, and of course I stopped at their table to quiz them to see if they could give me the appropriate definition of investment. I was more than a little gratified when I ran by them again near the end of my route as they walked around the lake: It was proof I had actually run all the way around the lake.

After the run I had time to address a chore or two on the chore cloud Sherry left me.

I have the whole summer to address these tasks. I requested that she not put it in list form or priority order. I kind of like it. Though I note that she has room to add many more between now and the end of August.

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