Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Still Teaching

Just one month ago, Caroline wasn't able to reliably start (or stop) her bike. But at the end of an evening ride at our church three weeks or so ago, she asked to ride home with Sam and Sherry. The three of them didn't set any speed records, but they made it. And that's allowed me to take more risks with biking.

When a friend offered we go for a ride Sunday, we were able to do so. He took the lead with the other kids, I stayed toward the rear with Caroline. She was fine. Just took a bit more time.

Today, Sam, Caroline, and I were able to do a bike ride that was near four miles. It started as a trip to the library (which turned out to be closed), then the Post Office, and then we made our way over to Inglewood elementary via the not-so-secret shortcut. It's time to trust her little (okay, they're kind of long) legs to do a ride like that.

Not the best photo, but it works as some proof. Note the two dogs who made the journey with us in the basket.

Not the exact routes we took but close enough. There was no travelling along Allentown Rd. That's just wildly irresponsible. I would never do such a thing. 
So, what does this have to do with teaching? That's where the older rider comes in. It seems high time I teach Sam how to do the riding safely. He's pretty good on a bike, but I've stunted his growth by "clearing" intersections for him, riding ahead (and through stop signs) so that we can get going to wherever faster. It dawned on me this morning that it's time to teach him how to go for a ride himself and still allow me to trust him. I'll consider missions accomplished if by summer's end . . .

a) the three of us (hopefully with Sherry) can take our bikes for a ride on the Perkiomen Trail 

b) I can trust Sam to safely ride by himself to a friend's house

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